Indoor Location-Based Services
Transform the User Experience

Enterprises are using bluepath to provide an enhanced mobile experience with location-based services.

Indoor Positioning

Empower customers and employees with interactive maps where they can locate themselves instantly in a facility, see area attractions, and chart a course to their destination.

Help museum, mall, and tradeshow visitors plan everything they want to see in their time-constrained visit.

Indoor Navigation

Provide maps with turn-by-turn directions, making wayfinding easy and simple. Showcase merchants and amenities en route to travelers' and shoppers' destination.

Help busy travelers navigate their way through way through airports, railway stations, and hospital complexes quickly and efficiently.

Real time
Mobile user tracking

Track employees and review their progress via heatmaps, using data to optimize work processes.

Make the workday more efficient and effective for factory workers, hospital staff, and retail clerks.

Location sharing

Enable your users to connect quickly with friends and family – or other colleagues.

Make reunion easy and painless with bluepath and integrated social media connections.

Location-Based Marketing and Services

Increase your conversion rates by pushing timely notifications to users based on their location.

Send instant mobile marketing offers to your users via their smartphones.
Help your company and its partners drive product sales with coupons, personalized offers, and more, while deepening customer knowledge and engagement.

Contextualized Information

Deliver location- and context-based information, such as queue times, upcoming events, or customer information, that enhances the user experience.

Real-time Messaging

Increase your conversion rates by pushing timely notifications to users based on their location.

Send direct messages to employees and customers to enhance work processes and service delivery.

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