Drive Airport Passenger Spending by Connecting at the Moment of Truth

Airport Challenges

Airport travelers are among the busiest in the world. Business travelers, families, and vacationers are on the clock – and want to maximize their time on the ground. Yet too often, they waste precious minutes getting lost or bypassing desired vendors and services.
. Passengers who spend an extra 10 minutes in security lines spend 30% less on retail and food items.

Airport Opportunities

Deliver interactive wayfinding and other services that provide the user’s real-time location, fastest path to desired destination, and marketing and other offers along the way. Deliver exceptional service – and grow revenues.
Deliver exceptional service – and grow revenues. Join the market leaders who are deploying Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
More than 70% of the world’s top 50 airports will have implemented cloud and geolocation technologies by the end of 2017.

Indoor Positioning

  • Show users where they are currently located among airport amenities and chart the fastest course to their destination
  • Highlight attractions, such as retailers, food courts, restaurants, airport lounges, and more
  • Offer accessible routes and information on disability services, such as wheelchairs, indoor shuttles, elevators and more
  • Showcase alternate routes, in the event of security gate, maintenance, and terminal closures
  • Enable users to see their friends, families, and colleagues around on the mobile map

Indoor Navigation

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions so users can find their way to gates, baggage carousels, and amenities quickly and easily
  • Provide directions to key services, such as public restrooms, family and disability restrooms, information desks, medical services, and religious facilities
  • Empower groups to arrange to meet at a central location by sharing their location and navigating to it
  • Connect airport employees so that they can execute their work more effectively

Location-Based Marketing and Services

  • Offer personalized messages, such as flight time, gate changes, baggage wait times, time requirements for security and immigration, and more
  • Send customers mobile marketing messages, such as coupons, loyalty offers, and more as they are approaching stores
  • Enable users to review services, menus, promotions, and prices before they reach desired vendors
  • Drive sales of specialty services, such as duty-free products, seat upgrades, and first-class service
  • Cue passengers to open mobile boarding passes as they approach gate check-in
  • Prompt flyers to redeem duty-free coupons before boarding the plane

Location Sharing

  • Enable users to see where their friends, families, and colleagues are
  • Empower groups to arrange to meet at a central location
  • Connect airport employees so that they can execute their work more effectively

Mobile User Tracking

  • Increase airport security by tracking passengers and providing urgent alerts with directions in the event of an emergency or mass evacuation
  • Monitor airport staff to make sure key duties, such as maintenance and housekeeping have been completed
  • Use smart bracelets to keep groups of children together and track their movements in real-time
  • Use heatmaps and footfall analysis to plan new services, open new walkways, and direct users to alternate locations to balance facility amenity usage

Real-Time Messaging

  • Send direct messages to passengers in transit, such as notices of impending gate closures for departing flights, using smartphones or the bluepath solution
  • Enable passengers to directly message staff with support requests, such as mobility assistance or other needs
  • Use direct messaging to connect passengers and staff or push messages from a centralized web-based interface such as an information desk

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Optimize passenger flow throughout the airport
  • Increase customer satisfaction with airport services and other amenities
  • Increase airline revenues with more on-time departures and optimized plane loads
  • Drive revenue for food, retail, and other vendors
  • Maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Use historic and real-time data to provide personalized offers for higher sales
  • Increase airport worker productivity and enhance facility maintenance
  • Enhance facility security and user safety

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