Enhance the Educational Experience with Wayfinding and Other Location-Based Services

Education Challenges

Students need to find classes quickly and easily, often with minutes to spare. Meanwhile, school staff must assemble groups for sporting events, lectures, conferences, and fieldtrips, ensuring group safety.

Education Opportunities

Integrate bluepath into mobile educational apps, enhancing the student experience and keeping schedules on track.

Since almost every student has a smartphone, it is easy to extend learning beyond the four walls of the classroom with interactive content. Check out this SlideShare on 15 use cases for beacon technology in education.

Indoor Positioning

  • Help students pinpoint their location and campus amenities, such as restaurants and cafeterias, libraries, and parking lots
  • Enable users to analyze the fastest route to a destination
  • Provide information and directions in multiple languages, serving diverse students and staff
  • Enable students to find friends and staff around them
  • Keep large groups together and quickly locate missing students

Indoor Navigation

  • Use interactive or offline downloadable maps to help students and faculty find their way to their next class or event
  • Provide wayfinding and other services, such as parking, elevators, wheelchairs, and handicapped restrooms for disabled students and staff

Location-Based Marketing and Services

  • Provide personalized greetings when students enter and exit the facility
  • Automate attendance-taking, increasing staff productivity
  • Provide students with updated class and schedule information
  • Enable users to access value-added services, such as the ability to download restaurant menus, order food to their tables, locate books in libraries, and bookmark their car location
  • Integrate study aids, grade reports, event invitations and more

Context-Based Information and Updates

  • Enable students to access seminar or lab agendas as they near classrooms; provide schedules for both immediate and upcoming sessions
  • Provide customized digital content when students enter different learning zones in the classroom or at locations around campus
  • Enable students to use their smartphones to interact with landmarks and other objects to enhance interactive learning

Mobile User Tracking

  • Provide alerts and exit maps and enable orderly evacuations for fire drills and emergencies
  • Track maintenance and housekeeper routes, to make sure work is performed
  • Use smart bracelets to track the real-time movement of students at school or on campus, enhancing security

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Conduct heatmap and footfall analysis to optimize facility usage
  • Ensure students arrive on time, maximizing teaching time
  • Increase student, teacher, and parent satisfaction with the educational experience
  • Improve crowd control and student security throughout the campus and grounds
  • Enhance facility maintenance and staff productivity
  • Increase student and staff security throughout the campus and grounds during both day and night

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