Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction with Indoor Navigation and Value-Added Services

Healthcare Challenges

Patients often have difficulty locating appointments and the best place to park. Visitors rely on signage boards and staff to find their loved ones. And time-pressed hospital staff are constantly looking for ways to automate processes to provide better care and see more patients.

Healthcare Opportunities

Improve the healthcare experience with wayfinding, location-based marketing, and other services

Reduce the number of patient no-shows or late arrivals, due to getting lost in large healthcare complexes or campuses. No-shows may account for 5% to 20% of provider appointments, and using digital navigator services reduces lost revenues and the need to provide human wayfinders.

Indoor Positioning

  • Help visitors locate themselves, doctors, and services on interactive maps – or download maps for offline access
  • Bookmark car location for easy access after the appointment or visit
  • Help visitors search a Point of Interest or the closest Information desk on the mobile map

Indoor Navigation

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions to surgery and specialty centers, doctors offices, waiting rooms, and restrooms
  • Enable patients and guests to navigate large healthcare facilities quickly and easily, ensuring they are on time for appointments
  • Help patients move among multiple locations, such as from waiting room to exam room to labs for testing

Context-Based Information and Updates

  • Push personalized greetings to newly arriving patients, prompting them to check in, and send farewell greetings, to enhance the experience
  • Provide value-added services, such as parking ticket validation, gift shop promotions, and food specials
  • Enable staff and patients to order and receive food at onsite cafeterias or in their offices or rooms
  • Push out information that answers frequently asked questions, such as hospital operating hours, doctors rounds, and visiting hours
  • Open patient records on doctor tablets and smartphones as they walk into exam rooms

Location Sharing

  • Assemble healthcare teams quickly and easily for better quality of care
  • Enable patients to share their location with friends and family via social media integration
  • Connect patients and family quickly and easily with turn-by-turn directions for reunion
  • Send automated patient location changes to family, such as moves from surgery to recovery rooms

Mobile User Tracking

  • Provide smart bracelets and monitoring to enhance patient security
  • Provide automated alerts based on patient location and profile (such as dementia patients who have left their floor)
  • Improve responsiveness to patient emergencies by alerting the nearest healthcare workers to respond

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Use heatmap and footfall analysis to understand how visitors are using facilities and plan new services and amenities to meet these needs
  • Enhance patient healthcare with faster responsiveness and coordinated services
  • Provide a superior healthcare visit experience by eliminating common frustrations and personalizing care
  • Optimize healthcare staff productivity with automated processes and the ability to manage higher patient loads
  • Improve facility safety with real-time alerts and the ability to account for every visitor and staff member

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