Increase Hospitality Guest Satisfaction and Spending with a Unique Mobile Experience

Hospitality Challenges

New guests who are unfamiliar with hospitality venues may not be aware of all amenities and activities. Meanwhile, busy tradeshow visitors need to make the most of their conference day.

Hospitality Opportunities

Provide a unique and differentiated service in the competitive hospitality industry. Enable keyless check-ins. Use wayfinding, personalized marketing, and other services to enhance customer satisfaction – and motivate spending. Create smart hotels with digital concierge services.

Indoor Positioning

  • Provide guests with interactive maps, so they can maximize enjoyment of facilities
  • Showcase amenities for hotel visitors such as restaurants, spas, pools, gift shops, and more
  • Empower tradeshow visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations
  • Provide access control, such as mobile keys, to hotel rooms
  • Enable visitors to bookmark the location of their cars for easy findability

Indoor Navigation

  • Provide step-by-step directions to points of interest in hotels or on tradeshow floors
  • Offer accessibility routes and services for guests with special mobility needs
  • Provide exit maps and directions in the event of an emergency
  • Enable guests to share their location and find friends, family, and colleagues at large venues and conferences quickly and easily

Location-Based Marketing and Services

  • Provide personalized welcome and farewell greetings
  • Automate the delivery of digital content, services, and gamification paths in multiple languages
  • Recognize high-value loyalty guest members with special offers
  • Build richer customer profiles by integrating demographics, social influence, and behavioral data
  • Provide real-time promotions to increase sales as guests pass by amenities such as restaurants and gift shops
  • Enable visitors to order food directly to their restaurant table or room
  • Cross-sell and upsell services, such as upgraded rooms, valet parking, and specialty food offers at the point of decision
  • Make it easy for customers to pay with integrated Apple and Android Pay
  • Enable guests to find the closest staff member who can answer questions or deliver services

Mobile User Tracking

  • Increase guest security at large events and venues by tracking movements and coordinating interactions among security staff
  • Use smart bracelets to ensure the safety of children at separate activities

Real-Time Messaging

  • Enable direct messaging among staff via smartphones or a web interface, to plan work or troubleshoot issues
  • Allow guests to send direct messages to staff, with requests for service, comments, or complaints
  • Allow guests to send messages to other friends and family in the same hotel

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • With heatmap and footfall analysis, you can analyze consumer behavior – and add services where your guests congregate
  • Increase guest satisfaction with the hospitality or event experience
  • Drive facility and time-limited event revenues with real-time offers
  • Increase guest per-visit revenues with mobile marketing
  • Improve staff efficiency by streamlining guest interactions
  • Provide enhanced security and crowd control to increase guest comfort and security

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