Improve Mobile Workforce Productivity and Effectiveness

Manufacturing Challenges

In large manufacturing facilities, workers often cover significant ground: finding parts, collecting them for assembly, and completing key processes. Factory workers walk an average of 3.9 miles a day, while at larger facilities, employees may walk up to four times as far.

Manufacturing Opportunities

Increase staff productivity and facility output with wayfinding, better processes, and staff monitoring.

Indoor Positioning

  • Streamline asset finding and usage, decreasing the risk of obsolescence
  • Provide workers with interactive maps of large manufacturing facilities
  • Automate worker check-in and check-out

Indoor Navigation

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions for factory workers in large warehouses or across connected complexes
  • Help employees find spare parts quickly and easily

Real-Time Messaging

  • Enable staff to communicate directly to plan and execute work
  • Empower staff to plan, comment on, and update key tasks

Location Sharing

  • Assemble teams and staff to complete key work processes
  • Quickly connect with colleagues in large venues

Mobile User Tracking

  • Monitor staff movements to ensure their productivity
  • Enforce access controls to secure areas
  • Coordinate security staff actions in emergency situations

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Optimize walkways, manufacturing processes and workloads with real-time data and heatmaps on footfalls
  • Drive staff productivity and facility throughput with better processes
  • Eliminate staff downtime due to faulty directions or getting lost in large venues

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