Accelerate Passenger Flow and Spending with Interactive Services

Railway Challenges

Busy train stations can be crowded and difficult to navigate, especially for commuters, business travelers, families, and the disabled.

Railway Opportunities

Blend the physical and digital to create an exceptional customer experience, while optimizing traveler flow and train loads. Create and exploit new sales opportunities.
At a busy railway station in Asia, visitors who spent 15 minutes getting lost can use interactive wayfinding on their smartphones to locate their trains and enjoy amenities.

Indoor positioning

  • Show users their current location and path to desired destination
  • Display accessible routes and services for disabled passengers
  • Show passengers points of interest and other shops and restaurants around them
  • Empower travelers with special needs to contact railway staff and request support based on their current position

Indoor Navigation

  • Dynamically update users’ location as they progress towards to their next stop
  • Provide travelers with the estimated time to reach platforms or make connections
  • Provide alternate routes to decrease crowding during peak times of facility usage
  • Offer directions to key services such as ticketing counters, public restrooms, information desks, and more
  • Enable travelers to find each other and navigate to a central location quickly and easily

Location-Based Marketing and Services

  • Send personalized welcome messages and travel updates
  • Drive sales of food, beverage, and retail with proximity-based offers
  • Use promotions, coupons, and loyalty offers to increase impulse purchases
  • Enable users to book seats in restaurants and order food from their phones
  • Upsell and cross-sell services such as first-class tickets and other amenities

Context-Based Information and Updates

  • Retrieve mobile tickets as passengers board trains
  • Provide relevant information, such as the wait time to the next train or the train number and destination
  • Provide travelers with real-time, profile-based offers on future trips on as they pass by check-in and sales desks

Mobile User Tracking

  • Send immediate notifications with exit maps and directions in the event of an emergency
  • Locate passengers and staff to streamline evacuations and enhance security
  • Keep track of your children’s location with smart bracelets and receive alerts if they wander away

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Improve customer satisfaction with a better travel experience
  • Analyze passenger data to create new products and services
  • Drive marketing and sales effectiveness with targeted, behavior and location-based offers
  • Use heatmap and footfall analysis to redirect passengers to alternate services to reduce crowding or address service closures

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