Increase Marketing ROI and Campaign Effectiveness with Real-Time Offers and Indoor Navigation

Retail Challenges

Retailers use digital and offline marketing to increase sales. However, they often lack a means to connect with customers at the most important moment – when they are passing by or in their stores. 60% of shoppers say they would like to receive beacon-trigged content on their smartphones.

Retail Opportunities

Use location-based marketing to drive product sales for higher revenues and profitability. Leading retailers are fast adopting beacon-powered retail strategies, including integrated loyalty programs, profile-based offers, and mobile couponing. Beacons will influence more than $4 billion USD in retail sales in 2015 – a number that will grow 10-fold in 2016.

Indoor positioning

  • Provide shoppers with maps of malls or store departments to help them plan their visits
  • Showcase mall and store amenities to ensure high usage
  • Provide interactive content so visitors can explore options before they start their journey

Indoor Navigation

  • Give turn-by-turn directions to stores, restaurants, and other amenities
  • Help shoppers calculate the fastest, easiest route to where they want to go
  • Enable visitors to bookmark their car location and trace their path back, eliminating the frustration of getting lost
  • Provide shoppers who have mobility issues with easy access to accessible routes, elevators, and more

Context-Based Information and Updates

  • Provide shoppers with information on designers and collections as they enter clothing departments
  • Prompt visitor to redeem coupons before they leave stores
  • Provide shoppers with information on related goods they can purchase, such as accessories for clothing or bakeware for china

Location-Based Marketing and Services

  • Welcome visitors to your venue and provide multi-lingual digital content to enhance their experience
  • Offer VIPs extra services and immediate attention
  • Provide personalized, location-based promotions for higher sales or engagement
  • Customize offers to specific departments or even items
  • Execute split-test marketing campaigns to analyze which ones perform the best

Mobile user tracking

  • Ensure guest security and crowd control by tracking movement
  • Send immediate notifications with exit maps and directions in the event of an emergency
  • Locate passengers and staff to streamline evacuations and enhance security
  • Monitor your children’s location with smart bracelets and receive alerts if they wander away

Location Sharing

  • Help shoppers find their friends and family easily across large, multi-floor complexes and meet at a central location
  • Connect shoppers with staff for speedier service using real-time messaging
  • Enable information desk staff to message customers directly
  • Enable managers to message staff about new duties, to improve customer service

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Use heatmap and footfall analysis to plan store openings, merchandise displays, sales and more
  • Increase shopper satisfaction with the shopping and visit experience
  • Increase impulse purchases when shoppers are most likely to spend
  • Connect with new customers and strengthen loyalty with VIPs
  • Decrease marketing costs, while enhancing ROI
  • Achieve sales targets with immediately deployable campaigns

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