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Indoor positioning and navigation services are creating new sources of value for enterprises. Provide interactive maps that help users identify their location and find their way in large venues, such as airports, hospitals, malls, railways, and stadiums. Locate your users to less than a meter – and use that information to deliver real-time, relevant marketing offers and services.

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Geolocation-based services help enterprises connect with users in exciting ways, using real-time data to constantly innovate services. Companies that deploy bluepath's solution deepen customer knowledge and loyalty, increase employee productivity, drive revenues, and reduce costs.

Indoor positioning & navigation

Show users their location and help them chart the fastest route to their destination.

Smart proximity notifications

Increase marketing ROI and conversion rates by sending proximity-based offers.

Big data

Analyze user movements and other behaviors to streamline processes and plan new services.

Pathflows and customer analysis

Use real-time heatmaps and footfalls to improve walkways and balance amenity usage at your venue.
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bluepath’s indoor positioning and navigation solution integrates with everything. Contact us to set up proof of concept is as little as 30 minutes. Deploy your new mobile experience in just four hours. Let’s get started.

Transform Industry Processes

Time-sensitive, people-intensive industries, such as retail, transportation, healthcare, and more, use bluepath to deliver an enhanced experience, automate critical processes, and increase safety and security. Learn how geolocation services can change the game for your industry company.


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