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Museum Challenges

Museum visitors and groups typically have a short period of time to see attractions. Many rely on paper brochures and signage to find their way around halls, missing exhibits and amenities. In addition, many museums are seeking ways to boost attendance and engage Millennial visitors, who want to use their smartphones, sensors, and social networks – to learn and share.

Museum Opportunities

Museums have a tremendous opportunity to build and extend the mobile user experience – providing interactive maps, highlighting services, and building engagement. Location-based marketing can drive per-visit revenues at restaurants and retail venues.

Indoor Positioning

  • Show users their location and all museum amenities and services
  • Provide interactive maps for real-time use or static maps visitors can download ahead of time

Indoor Navigation

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions to museum attractions with the time required to navigate to them
  • Show routes and services for disabled visitors
  • Plan your route within the museum to to ensure you see all desired attractions
  • Keep families and groups connected with easy location sharing via social media integration and navigation tools

Location-Based Marketing and Services

  • Provide a single integrated and multi-lingual mobile experience for visitors
  • Enable visitors with prepaid mobile passes to skip long queues for entrance
  • Offer visitors access to information, imagery, and videos as they walk by attractions
  • Push restaurant and retail promotions to visitors as they pass by amenities
  • Streamline food ordering with mobile ordering, tableside delivery, and mobile payment

Context-Based Information and Updates

  • Display digital content, such as information and videos on art, as visitors walk by
  • Enable visitors to purchase related retail items as they interact with artwork, such as framed prints, books, and jewelry

Mobile User Tracking

  • Use smart bracelets to keep tour groups of children together, enhancing their safety and security
  • Connect visitors with the closest staff member for rapid assistance
  • Ensure guest and attraction security by monitoring real-time movement
  • Deploy and coordinate any security response needed in the event of an emergency

Data Analytics and Business Results

  • Conduct heatmap and footfall analysis to understand what your guests value – and translate insights into new services
  • Deliver an exceptional experience which delights users, wins repeat visitors, and drives ratings on social sites
  • Drive revenues with targeted location-based promotions
  • Improve crowd control for greater guest satisfaction

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